Wheel Alignment

When it comes to car maintenance, many people are in the dark when it comes to the actual purpose behind the actions. For example, most people know that Wheel Alignment, also known as breaking or tracking, is important vehicle maintenance. However, many of the same people don’t even know the reason why or what wheel alignment actually is. The purpose of alignment is to adjust the angles of a vehicle’s wheels so that they correspond with manufacturer specifications. Over time, wheel alignment naturally drifts, which causes uneven tire wear, or steering issues such as ‘pulling’ in a particular direction. These issues are not good for any car, and can cost you money if left unchecked. Tires aren’t cheap! Bad alignment can cause a plethora of other side effects which many people don’t realize or consider as well, such as poor fuel economy, lessened braking distance, and a rougher ride. Yes, having your car’s wheel alignment off can actually cause your gas mileage to go down! Nobody wants that!

What about the cost?

It is common for mechanics and auto repair shops to offer free alignment services when you purchase your tires from them. However if you don’t fit into this category then you will most likely have to pay for wheel alignment service. If you notice that your car is pulling to one direction when driving or that your tires are not wearing out evenly then it is probably time to do a wheel alignment on your vehicle. The price of wheel alignment will mainly depend on the shop you use to do your wheel alignment as well as cost of living in your area. This is why we compiled a list of service centers and prices for different Service Centers that perform wheel alignment.

Compiled below is a list of prices for Wheel Alignment by service center:

Walmart Alignment

Pep Boys Alignment

Sears Alignment

Firestone Alignment

Discount Tire Alignment

Midas Alignment

NTB Alignment


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