power steering flush

Power Steering Flush Instructions

When you drive your car, liquid called power steering fluid runs through the hydraulic system to ameliorate driving. It’s pressured by a steering pump and valves. When the pump stops functioning, the pressure decreases, and the steering system loses power. That’s when you need to perform a power steering flush. Failing to do so will […]

car mechanic

How to Find a Good Car Mechanic?

When you have car problems, you may be tempted to fix them yourself to save money. But, you may not have the time to learn or you probably don’t know anyone who will do it for free. So, you have little choice but to spare some cash to tend to your car issue. “How do […]


Top 3 Car Options for New Cars

Buying a new car is very exciting experience for most people. When buying a new car most people mainly focus on make/model, comfort, reliability, looks, safety rating, and of-course the price. What many people seem to neglect is the type of options  they want to have in their car. In this article we will discuss our top 3 amazing car […]

transmission oil change

When to Change Transmission Fluid

Have you noticed unusual changes in your vehicle as you drive?  Is fluid leaking from it?  Does it shake when you change gears?  When was the last time you checked your vehicle for low transmission fluid?  These are a few signs that your car is in dire need of a transmission fluid change.   To prevent […]


How much does an oil change cost?

One of the best times in a person’s life is when they can purchase a car for the first time. But along with that excitement comes a lot of responsibilities. One of the biggest concerns when owning a car is maintenance and how to properly take care of a new vehicle. A question that is […]

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Bad Spark Plug Symptoms and Spark Plug Tester

Spark Plugs are one of those things that often times get neglected and for a good reason, they typically tend to last a long time. Most spark plugs can last anywhere from 60, 000 to 100, 000 miles! None the less everyone should know about bad spark plug symptoms so that they can notice when one or more […]