Wax ON Wax OFF!!! 3 Benefits of Waxing your Car!

To some people a car is just a simple means of transportation. They simply want a car that will get them from point A to point B safely! They don’t care about horse power, what brand it is, or how many miles the car has…as long as the car drives they are happy. To others a car is an extension of themselves, it is a status symbol and something to show off and be proud . No matter which category you fit in one thing you should not neglect is waxing your car regularly and in this article we are going to list 3 good reasons WHY.

1) Protection from the SUN! – Yes its that time of the year where temperatures are averaging mid to high nineties and while you most likely have the luxury of spending most of your time indoors in an air-conditioned room your car is not so lucky. A great way to extend the life of your vehicle’s paint job is to have it waxed regularly. The wax will  help protect the paint on your car from sun’s powerful UV rays which in turn will prevent paint from chipping on your car.

2) Better looking car! – If you want to improve the appearance of your vehicle nothing does it better than giving your car a nice wash followed by a good wax. Washing will clean the dirt from it but adding wax to the mix will give the car that glow like appearance , it makes the paint shine and even helps by concealing minor scratches on your car.

3) Spend Less TIME washing your car! – We mentioned earlier that it is that time of the year where temperatures are averaging in the mid to high nineties so we know you don’t want to spend your precious time sweating in the heat having to wash your car. Not to worry because waxing your car regularly will have you spending less time and money on washing your car. This is because waxing your car put a clear coat on the paint that does not allow dirt/dust to stick to the cars exterior as easily as it does on just a regular paint. A car wash followed by a good wax job can keep your car’s exterior clean for months!

Now after reading all this you might be wondering why the heck would i wax my car if i am the type of person who doesn’t care about the appearance of my car. Well, you might not care about your car’s looks but we know you care about money and having a nice shiny paint job will go long ways when it comes to selling your car.  Not only are you going to get significantly more money for your car paint is in good condition but it will also make it much easier to find a buyer.




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