Transmission Oil Change

One often overlooked type of vehicle maintenance is the transmission oil change. A lot of people are unaware that this even exists, as it is not needed frequently and many people overlook it entirely. This is not a good idea, however, as this can cause transmission failure which is a very expensive replacement process that can put your car out of commission for days or weeks! The fluid in a transmission should be flushed and replaced every so often to ensure a long life for your transmission.

How often do you need a transmission oil change?

Manufacturer guidelines generally state that a transmission should have it’s fluid flushed and replaced at somewhere around 100,000 to 150,000 miles on the transmission. Many mechanics disagree with this interval, and suggest something more like every 50,000 miles for optimum longevity and performance. Like anything else on a vehicle, however, it is easy to put extra wear on your transmission by driving a vehicle hard, primarily driving in the city, or shifting incorrectly in the case of a manual transmission. Check the transmission fluid easily with the dip stick under your hood – it should be red. The darker that the fluid gets, the more deteriorated it is and the more likely you will need it flushed.


How much does a transmission oil change cost?

The transmission flush price can vary based on the make, model and year of your car. Not all transmissions are created equally, some require more labor, or more fluid than others and may cost more. To get an accurate idea of your transmission fluid change cost, call or go into a nearby service center to get a quote tailored to your vehicle. In addition, the transmission flush cost will be different based on your region – For example, in some parts of the country cost of living is more than double others in the same country, which directly effects the transmission flush cost.

In order to make your life as easy as possible when dealing with the stressful subject of a transmission oil change, we have compiled a list of service centers that offer transmission service, as well as a listing of their transmission flush prices below.

Below is a list of Transmission Flush service centers and their prices:

Valvoline Transmission Flush

Jiffy Lube Transmission Flush

Aamco Transmission Flush

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