Top 3 Car Options for New Cars

Buying a new car is very exciting experience for most people. When buying a new car most people mainly focus on make/model, comfort, reliability, looks, safety rating, and of-course the price. What many people seem to neglect is the type of options  they want to have in their car. In this article we will discuss our top 3 amazing car options that can be found on todays new cars.

Back up Camera

I know what you are thinking, back up camera is just another gimmicky option that is there to increase the price. After all ever since you started driving you have been backing out just fine by turning around and looking back. Well, back up camera is one of those options that you think you don’t really need until you actually have it and then you cant live without it. Great thing about back up camera is that it allows you to see things you really wouldn’t see if you look back. A small child standing behind a car or a family dog/cat would not be seen by simply turning around especially if you have a big truck or a SUV. Backup camera allows you to see even smaller things in the back of your car that you normally would not see. Additionally, back up camera helps you park your car in reverse with the lines that guide you and show you where your car will end up depending on how you steer.

Blind Spot Assist

Ever checked all the mirrors and started changing lines on the highway only for someone to slam on their horn and flip you off as they pass you by. Yup that means you failed to check your blind spot before switching lanes and almost caused a huge accident. In order to prevent this scenario from happening in the future you should consider adding blind spot assist option to your new car. With blind spot assist option any time there is a car in your blind spot a light will be displayed on your side view mirror or on your dash. Yes we know you can just simply turn around and check your blind spot before changing lanes but that 1 or 2 second but not keeping your eyes on the road for 1-2 seconds when driving at high highway speeds could be deadly.

Dual Climate Control

We know you have been in the car before where your passenger was asking your to turn up or turn down the air when you felt it was perfectly normal. Great news is that with the Dual climate control the passenger can change the temperature only on their side of the car so this way both the passenger and the driver can be comfortable while driving.

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