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The Sears corporation originally started as a chain of department stores in the United States of America, but have since moved into other markets such as auto service and repair. It is the fifth-largest department store chain in the entire U.S, and is trusted by hundreds of thousands of Americans for their auto service needs, such as a Sears Alignment. Every vehicle is recommended to get a Sears wheel alignment approximately every 10,000 miles, but there are many sets of extenuating circumstances that could accelerate the necessity for a Sears tire alignment. Bad wheel alignment can cause uneven wheel tear, an uneven or bumpy ride, and even decreased fuel efficiency. Don’t hesitate to get your Sears alignment today! We have compiled a list below of Sears alignment cost for your convenience.

Below are the latest regular Sears Alignment prices:


***Please check for online coupons for extra savings!!! You can save a lot of money on your Sears alignment cost by checking for online coupons!!!***

6 Month Guarantee Sears Alignment$89.99
1 Year Guarantee Sears Alignment$114.99
3 Year Guarantee Sears Alignment$164.99

For a full list of Wheel Alignment Service Centers and their prices click HERE.

Why might I need a Sears alignment?

As previously stated, a bad alignment can cause all sorts of issues with your vehicle that can stack up in terms of repair/replacement cost. Uneven wear on your tire treads can cause you to be driving in unsafe conditions much quicker than if the tread wears evenly. It can increase the distance required to stop your car while breaking, which can cause accidents! It can decrease fuel efficiency, making you spend more on gasoline or diesel fuel, easily prevented by a Sears tire alignment! Uneven tread can be caused by simple things such as jumping a curb, hitting a pothole, or other types of car accidents. A Sears wheel alignment is highly relevant to a long life for your vehicle.

mechanic changing a car wheel.

How to save money on your Sears alignment cost?

The easiest, simplest and quickest way to save money on your Sears alignment cost is always to check the service center website beforehand. Often times you can find special deals, coupons and offers exclusively online, which can lead to some serious savings! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, check online today to save money on your Sears tire alignment!


For store hours and to find a Sears Auto Service Center near you click on the logo below.




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