Mobil 1 Oil

The oil in your car, truck, or SUV is responsible for keeping your engine lubricated and running as smoothly as possible. Using low grade engine oil can cause a lot of problems and ultimately cost you a lot of money in engine damage. That is why more drivers should switch to Mobil 1 oil. Here are a few benefits to using Mobil 1 in your vehicle:

Prolonged Engine Life

 Synthetic oils like Mobil 1 have extremely effective cleaning agents that not only keep your pistons firing smoothly, they keep rings free from any harmful radicals so they do not stick and operate as effectively as possible. This extends the life of your engine, even if you have an older vehicle with high mileage.

Effective At High Temperatures

As engines run and heat up it can cause low quality oils to oxidize. During this oxidation process oil will begin to thicken which makes it harder to pump through your engine and decreases performance. Mobil 1 oil is designed with antioxidants to prevent this process, even at the hottest temperatures.

Consumes Less Oil

 As oil pumps through your engine, it eventually begins to evaporate and burn off in small amounts. Studies shown after hundreds of thousands of miles were driven that 8 times less Mobil 1 oil was consumed than other leading conventional oils.

Increase Fuel Efficiency

 Thicker oil in your engine is less effective as it performs which leads to your engine having to work harder and needing more fuel to perform its job. Because Mobil 1 oil has advanced antioxidant technology and does not thicken at high or low temperatures, it flows better through your engine which ultimately means you are not wasting fuel.

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