How to reset Check Engine Light?

Sometimes after a vehicle issue that would cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate is repaired, the light does not reset itself, so you may need to know how to reset check engine light. Depending on the make, model, and year of your particular vehicle it may automatically reset. But what do you do if it is still on and you need to reset it? In this article we will tell you how to reset check your engine light. The first thing to do is determine that the light it is not lit for an unrelated reason, so either use an OBD-II tool or take the vehicle to a auto parts store to have the code read. If it is indeed the same code, using the same tool either you or the auto parts store employee can reset the code on the spot, which turns off the malfunction indicator lamp. However, if the code turns on again after you drive 30-40 miles, then most likely whatever repair was conducted on the vehicle did not completely resolve the problem.

It is also possible that either the wrong part was replaced, or the new part was actually malfunctioning as well. Neither of these are good scenarios, and we hope you do not echeck-enginencounter them – but anything can happen. It is important to reset the Check Engine Light code after every repair conducted on your vehicle, that way it can continue to serve it’s function and notify you when your engine is malfunctioning in some way. The last thing you want to have is a constantly on Check Engine Light, because if another code is being produced you will not even know, which could lead to permanent engine damage! Don’t sleep on it, learn how to reset check engine light today!

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