Firestone Transmission Flush

Are you finding yourself in need of a transmission flush service? If your car is shifting harder than you’re used to, or perhaps you’ve checked your transmission fluid dipstick and the fluid color indicates deterioration. Perhaps you’ve just reached the recommended mileage by your vehicle’s manufacturer for a scheduled Firestone transmission flush. Whatever your reasons may be for needing one, a Firestone transmission flush may be exactly what the doctor ordered. To make your life just that much simpler, we have compiled a list of Firestone transmission flush prices.

Below are the latest regular Firestone transmission flush prices:

Firestone Transmission Flush$185

***Please check for online coupons for extra savings!!! You can save a lot of money by checking for online coupons!!!***


Why might I need a Firestone transmission fluid change?

It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether your transmission fluid needs to be flushed and refilled. Generally, it is a preventative maifirestonentenance recommended at certain mileage intervals by your vehicle’s manufacturer – often around 100,000 miles. Sometimes, your transmission might be exhibiting signs of wear and tear – shifting harder than usual, grinding gears… If you are noticing any issues like this do not hesitate to schedule a Firestone transmission flush at once! Transmission replacements are incredibly expensive and if left alone, your transmission can easily become irreparably damaged.

How to save money on your Firestone transmission flush?

As we have found with any other type of vehicle maintenance service, the easiest way we have found to save money on your Firestone transmission flush price is by checking the Firestone website before going to get your service done. Often, they will be offering special deals and/or coupons for customers who take the time to look online before going in. Don’t forget to check – we don’t want you to spend any more of your hard earned cash than you have to! Your finances and your car’s safety are our highest priorities.


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