Auto Services that Should NOT be ignored PART 2

Earlier this month we posted Auto Services that should not be ignored PART 1. In that article we explained why it is important to regularly inspect your brakes, oil, and tires. We also explained why it is important to have those components changed on time. If you would like to read PART 1 you can find it by clicking HERE.  This week we will add another 3 Auto Services that should not be ignored which will hopefully give you a better idea how to properly maintain your vehicle and increase its longevity.

4) Car Battery – most people take car batteries for granted. They don’t realize just how important a car battery is until they get in their car, try to turn on the car and nothing happens. You don’t know when this will happen, it might be when you are getting off from work, 1 am when you are getting ready to go home from a party, or early in the morning when you are getting ready to go to work. No matter when it happens it is not going to be fun because you are either going to be late arriving somewhere or stuck somewhere trying to go home. The good thing is that it is easy to avoid this scenario by simply checking your battery every 3 months. This can be done for free at most auto parts stores and it only takes about 5 minutes to do; they will hook up a machine to your battery and it will tell them how well it is performing and if the battery needs to be changed. Car batteries typically last anywhere from 2 to 3 years so they don’t have to be changed often but they don’t give out much signs that they are about to go out until they actually leave you stranded somewhere.

5) Air Filters – There are two type of air filters that need to be checked often and replaced as necessary (Cabin Air Filter and Engine Air Filter. Cabin Air Filter , filters the air you breathe in your car. If your car interior starts smelling funky or when you turn on the A/C it starts smelling weird then its probably a good time to replace your air filter. Engine air filter on the other hand prevents dust and other materials from going inside your engine. If you ever had a chance to see a dirty air filter you will notice the amount of dust, leaves, pollen, and other weird things that it traps in there ; all of these things would be inside your car’s engine or cabin if the air filter was not there. When engine air filter gets dirty it clogs up and that means that your engine is not getting enough air. This is a problem because your engine needs air in order to burn the fuel and make your car move so if your car is not getting enough air then it will not be running as smoothly and it will be putting unnecessary strain on your vehicle. It is important to check your air filters every 3 months and should be done every time you change your oil.

6) Tire Rotation- Most people are surprised to find that tires do not wear out evenly. If you don’t rotate your tires you will notice that the front tires typically wear out more then the back tires (provided you don’t have a sports can with rear wheel drive and like to do burnouts). This is because you use your front tires to turn your vehicle which put a bit more strain them and makes them wear out more then the back tires.  In order to make sure that your tires wear out evenly a tire rotation needs to be done every time you have your oil changed. This will ensure your tires are wearing out evenly increasing the life of your tires leaving more money in your packet.

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