Advantages and Disadvantages of buying a USED CAR

There are few reasons why you might be in the market for a car. Maybe you just got your license and are looking to buy your first car or maybe your old car has failed you for the 5th time this month and you are tired of fixing it. No matter what the reason you will have to decide if you are going to go with a brand new car or a used one. In this articles we will try to list pros and cons for buying a used car


There are many advantages to getting a used car over a brand new car. First and obvious one is that it is going to be a lot cheaper then a brand new car. In addition to it being cheaper many times you will not have to finance the car so that means you will not have to pay any interest on it. Also many people tend to forget that the insurance expense on a used car is typically a lot less then its i on a brand new car. If you are financing a brand new car you are forced to get full coverage on your car however if you get a old car with no payments you have the option to go with liability insurance making your insurance a lot cheaper (although if you do get in an accident and its your fault you will have to pay for your car’s repairs.) If you are looking to sell your car in a few years you will also fair off better then if you purchased a new car because old cars don’t depreciate as much as new cars do.


The biggest disadvantage to buying an old car is that in most cases you are not going to have warranty or if you do it will usually be for six months or less. This is a problem because the biggest concern anyone buying an old car has is the car breaking down. You can buy a used car and six months later it breaks down and you are having to spend another huge some of money on repairs or even worse you might have to look for another car if the problem is not worth fixing. Another disadvantage to buying an old car is that in most cases you will not know how well previous owner took care of it. Did they change the oil on time? How about breaks, tires and air filters? Did they smoke in the car and how well did they maintain the interior?  Did they eat in the car? No matter what people tell you buying a used car involves a lot of luck as there is not a sure way to truly know how that car was treated by its previous owners. There are few ways to reduce risk such as checking carfax vehicle history report but they are not 100% accurate.

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