3 Things Every Vehicle Needs Serviced

There are many different types of vehicles on the road, and off the road, today. Coming up with a complete blank checklist that applies to each of them is impossible. There are, however, some things on every vehicle with wheels that need to be serviced regularly to ensure longevity of the vehicle and safe operation. Failure to have any vehicle serviced can result in damage to the vehicle, failure of critical systems, or endangering the drive, passenger, and others. This is for all road rated vehicles whether it is a car, truck, motorcycle, or unique creation.

 Bearings Need Lubricant

Anything that moves and supports weight or transfers energy has some type of bearing. Whether it is a door hinge, a crankshaft, or a handlebar shaft it has some sort of friction reducing component. Over time the lubricant used to keep these components moving smoothly can break down or become contaminated. When this lubricant breaks down or becomes contaminated the protective coating can disappear and wear on the parts can occur. This can ultimately cause a complete breakdown of the part resulting in costly replacement instead of a simple automotive service visit.

 Breaks Need Maintained

Everything that goes also needs to eventually stop. Almost all vehicles use one of two types of brakes: drum brakes or rotor brakes. Both involve direct, high friction contact between moving parts and fixed parts. This results in very high heat followed by quick cooling over and over. Obvious consideration for regular maintenance is to check the wear on the parts. Because of the grinding action that occurs when the brakes are applied these parts can wear and become thin which can result in deeper damage or failure to provide the necessary stopping power. The end result could be catastrophic.

 Electrical Systems Need Checked

For vehicles that have electric starters, electrical lighting and gauges, as well as electronic sensors, it is crucial to make sure power is available to those systems when needed. Having the electrical system checked can keep vehicles on the road and safely operating. A failure in the electrical system can prevent a vehicle from starting or cause it to stall leaving the driver and passengers stranded at an unplanned time and location. An auto service center has the equipment to check systems under load, just as they would perform during operation, to ensure they are operating at peak performance – keeping your vehicle on the road.

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