3 Signs your Car Battery is Bad

Batteries are so reliable that many drivers tend to forget that they are even there until its too late. Most car batteries last about 3-4 years so its easy to forget that you have to replace a battery until one day you try to turn on your car and you hear the dreaded clicking noise. If you are like most people and hate getting stranded here are a few signs that indicate your battery might be going bad.

You turn the key and you only hear clicking noise. If you try to turn on your car and all you hear is clicking noise then your battery is dead. When this happens it usually means that you just need to replace your battery however it could also be a sign that your alternator is bad . Whenever this happens you should take your car to auto-parts store and have them check your alternator and battery to determine if your alternator is working properly.

Your battery is old. It is a good idea to check the date on your battery and see how old it is. Most batteries tend to last 3-4 years so if the battery is older then 3 years you should go to your auto parts store and check if it is in good condition.

Corrosion or Stains on the batter. If your battery is corroded or has stains on it, it might mean that there is a leak on the battery and it needs to be replaced. Chemicals in the battery are dangerous so if your battery is leaking it is best to take your car to an auto parts shop and let them replace the battery for you.

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