Top Scientific Fuel Saving Tips For Cars and Trucks

Saving the planet is something that interests many people. Saving money is something that interests almost everyone. Saving fuel is one way to do both when you learn these simple scientifically proven ways to save on fuel in your car or truck. They are simple to prove and easy to take advantage of regardless of what type of vehicle you drive so long as it is gasoline powered.

Gasoline is made up of hydrogen and carbon. You may have heard this referred to as simply hydrocarbon fuel. When the gasoline is set on fire inside of the engine it creates force to push the pistons away from the fire and produce the power required to eventually spin the wheels and make the vehicle move. Controlling the timing and power of that fire, it burns so quickly we call it an explosion, can make a tremendous difference in the power available for transfer to motion.

Improve The Burn Rate Of The Fuel

This article is too short to get into fuel efficiency factors and octane ratings so we’ll just state some facts and leave you to research it later. Higher octane fuels have a better burn rate thus allowing more energy to travel to the drive train with less fuel consumed. Increasing octane can be as simple as adding a small amount of fuel additive to your tank when you fill up. There are also Electronic Control Module (ECM) modifications available for most modern vehicles which control the mixture of air and fuel which also improve the burn rate. As a relevant side fact gasoline with 10% ethanol added is at least 3% less efficient than pure gasoline.

Perfect The Spark Timing

Older vehicles used a system of spark timing which involved a rotating distributor, a “set of points”, and in later years a gadget called a “vacuum advance” for variable spark timing under load. Today’s complex engines use an ECM controlled system that is more difficult to tinker with but vastly more efficient. Still, there is room for improvement. As mentioned earlier there are modifications available today for most ECM controlled vehicles which can boost performance, and horsepower, for almost every gasoline powered vehicle. These change the spark timing to deliver the explosion at a more beneficial time. Check with your local parts store or online for more information and to locate the modification kit and process for your vehicle.

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