4 Signs That You Need Your Brakes Checked

One of the most important but often overlooked parts on the car is the brakes; if you experience brake failure while driving the results can be disastrous, even deadly. Making sure you have your brakes changed on time is extremely important. Here are few warning signs that would indicate you need to inspect your brakes:

The Pads Are Worn Down

If your brakes make noise when you brake it might be a sign that you need to change your brakes. Although some cheaper brake calipers make noise during braking even when the brakes are good, many times noisy brakes is a sign that your calipers are worn out. Physically looking at your brake pads is a simple way to check and see if they need to be changed. To find your brake pads simply look between the spokes of the tire and look at the metal rotor that is there. Around the rotor will be a set of calipers with brake pads attached to them. When looking at your brake pads make sure that they are at least 1/4 of an inch thick. Anything thinner than that and they should be replaced.


Responsiveness Issues

If you notice that your brake pedal goes further to the floor than it should or you have to press your brakes harder than normal to get your vehicle to slow down, you may need to have your brakes looked at. The pads themselves may not be worn down, but you could have a leak in the brake hose or your brakefluid could be running low.

Fluid Leaking Under The Car

Any type of leak that is not water should be looked at by a mechanic. Unfortunately brake fluid leaks can tend to look like oil leaks with a slightly different – hard to notice –texture. If you notice that there is black fluid leaking from your car it might be brake fluid or oil fluid. Either way the car should be taken to a mechanic as soon as possible.


If you are driving down the road and it suddenly seems like the car has a mind of its own and starts to pull to one side, it could be a sign that you need your brakes changed. A caliper could be stuck, brake linings could be wearing down unevenly, or there could be a problem with the brake hose.

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