Panaflex Window Tint Review 2015

There are many window tints out there but there are not many out there that claim to do what Panaflex tint does. Panaflex tint uses ceramic film that provides superior heat rejection, 99% UV protection, and a cool custom look for your car. Additionally when you add Panaflex tint to your car you dont have to worry about color fading, the film lasts a very long time and has a lifetime warranty. Adding Panaflex tint on your car costs about twice as much as the regular tint would and it has a lot of claims ….we put those claims to the test and here are the results.

Heat Rejection

If you go to an auto tint shop that sells panaflex tint they will have a heat lamp where they will let you put your hand near a heat lamp and insert a regular glass to show you how the heat passes through the regular glass so easy. After that they will insert a panaflex tinted glass between your hand and the heat lamp and show you how almost none of the heat passes through the glass. I must admit i was very impressed by it so how did it fare when it was added on all the windows in my car? If you are thinking that you will leave your car in 90 degree weather for few hours and come back to a nice cool car, forget about it. We noticed that the temperature of our car when left out in the sun is pretty much the same as it would have been when we didnt have panaflex tint on the car. Having said that we did notice that when driving in 90 degree weather, once the car is cooled it was a lot easier to maintain cool temperature in the car. I did not have to have my A/C blowing as high as i normally would have to maintain cool comfortable temperature in the car. Additionally after getting the interior of the car nice and cool I noticed that windows stayed cool too, compare that to non panaflex tinted windows that were hot so that leads me to believe the panaflex tint did have something to do with maintaining a cool interior of my car.

UV protection and Quality.

Many people have seen the picture of the truck driver that shows the damage the UV rays can do truck driver tintto ones face through regular glass. Just in case you haven’t we have added it to this post. Panaflex UV protection is impressive and it definitely did block out UV rays. Additionally it did make my car look better and i was impressed by the quality of the tint. I cant comment on longevity or fading claim as i only had it for few months but with lifetime warranty i don’t think that should be much of a concern.


Panaflex window tint is twice as expensive as regular tint so should you get it? It depends on what you are looking for in a tint. It definitely helps reduce heat in your car while its A/C is on but dont expect it to keep your car cool when it is not running. The quality seems to be good and with lifetime warranty you dont have to worry about paying to replace it anytime soon so how long you plan on keeping your car should also help you decide if you should go with the more expensive panaflex. Finally the UV protection is great but there are also many other ceramic films that offer same UV protection at lower price.


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