Oil Change and Car Maintenance

If you drive it, it needs service. If it just sits in the lot or garage, it needs service. What is it? Why it is your automobile of course. Regardless of what type of vehicle you own or drive there are regular maintenance tasks that must be performed. These are not only to protect your vehicle from damage but also the passengers in the vehicle as well as other drivers and pedestrians. Nobody wants to step on the brakes and have no stopping power, or to put the transmission in gear and just sit there revving the engine. This means maintenance and maintenance means costs.

Whether your vehicle is new, used or a solid antique there are some basic auto maintenance items which recur regularly. From oil changes to fluid flushes, brake inspections to belt changes, and even things like tune-ups and fuel system cleaning. And, if you have shopped for fees for these types of auto services lately you will know they aren’t getting any cheaper. It pays to know what to expect and there are ways to find out before signing on that service order.

Oil changes, for example, are something that every vehicle needs on a regular basis. Even if your car or truck is not driven regularly the climate can degrade the components in the oil due primarily to moisture getting into the system. As the metal in your engine heats and cools it may cause a condensation inside of the motor which mixes with the lubricant. So changing your oil every 3 to 6 months even in a parked vehicle is important. But how much does it cost?

There are a few important things to note about vehicle maintenance like oil changes that can result in varying auto service fees. Firstly there are different capacities of oil for different vehicle. While most hold around 5 US quarts there are others which require double that volume or even more. Next there is the filtration system. Some vehicles use one, simple filter while others use two or even more filters with different purposes. Finally there is the type of lubricant called for by the manufacturer. Today’s high performance engines generally call for a high performance oil quite often a synthetic blend. These blends help prevent viscosity breakdown which can quickly harm the inner workings of any motor while it is under power.

Know what your vehicle needs and shop accordingly. Keep these points in mind when you see an advertisement for an oil change at a price that seems really low.

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