Midas Alignment

In the world of car maintenance, one of the most ubiquitous names in the game is Midas. Who hasn’t heard of the Midas touch? In addition to many other vehicle services and maintenance plans, if you have a bad alignment on your vehicle you can get a Midas alignment to solve this issue. Every car needs alignment adjusted at some point or another, usually about every 10,000 miles or after something knocks it off of the correct alignment. To make your life easier, we have compiled a list of the Midas alignment cost options below.

Below are the latest regular Midas alignment prices:

***Please check for online coupons for extra savings!!! You can save a lot of money by checking for online coupons!!!***

2 Wheel Alignment
4 Wheel Alignment$99.99

For a full list of Wheel Alignment Service Centers and their prices click HERE.

Why might I need a Midas alignment?

If your car’s alignment is off, you will most likely notice the symptoms right away. Bad alignment can be caused by car accidents, or even simple things such as hitting a pothole or jumping a curb. Bad alignment can cause your tires to wear unevenly, causing you to need to buy new tires much sooner than otherwise would be necessary. It can even cause your car’s braking distance to decrease, which could cause you to get into a wreck! It is recommended to get a regular Midas alignment to mitigate these dangers and keep your car in great running order.

How to save money on your Midas alignment cost?

The easiest way that we have discovered to save money on a Midas alignment is also the simplest and fastest method. Simply go to the Midas website and check for coupons, offers and special deals for Midas alignment customers, they are almost always running specials and you can almost certainly shave some of your Midas alignment cost off your invoice. We’re here to help you save!


For store hours and to find a Midas Auto Service Center near you click on the logo below.


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