Meineke Oil Change Prices and Coupons

Meineke is a car care and automotive repair company that was founded in 1971 by Sam Meineke. The company began in Houston, TX as a sole store that sold mufflers. It operated a single store for 1 year before he partnered with Harold Nedell, a businessman that helped Meineke turn his discount muffler store into a franchise.

By the mid-1980s after substantial growth the company relocated to North Carolina. It remained there as a muffler provider until 2003 when the company became a privately held company and changed its name to what is now known as: Meineke Car Care Centers. The company now operates over 900 stores across the globe and offer a wide range of services including tire, brake maintenance, A/C repair, and others but the company is most known for their oil change service.

Below you will find latest Meineke Oil Change Prices:

***Please check for online coupons for extra savings!!!Meineke Oil Change Price can be reduced greatly by using online coupons.***

Basic Oil Change$24.95
Preferred Oil Change$34.95
Supreme Oil Change$54.95

Meineke Oil Change Service

At most locations Meineke offers a quick-change oil service for vehicles. Their product line includes:

  • Basic Oil Change – The basic oil change service starts at $24.95 and includes the oil you need for your vehicle, a new oil filter, and a tire pressure check. The basic oil change includes standard, generic oil.
  • Preferred Oil Change – With the preferred Meineke oil change you will receive a higher quality oil as well as their 23-point inspection to assess any other areas of the vehicle that may need work, a tire pressure check, balance check for tires, tire rotation, and a top off for other fluids. The price starts at $34.95.
  • Supreme Oil Change – For vehicles that need the highest quality synthetic oils, Meineke offers their supreme service. It includes the same additional features as the preferred oil change but it uses longer lasting, more effective oil. The Supreme Meineke Oil Change price starts at $54.95 but can vary depending on how much oil your vehicle requires and your location.

Meineke Oil Change Coupons and How to save money on your Meineke Oil Change?

Meineke Oil Change cost can be reduced by using Meineke Coupons and taking advantage of different Meineke promotions. What separates Meineke from the rest is that they typically offer coupons and promotions based on location. The best way to find current Meineke oil change coupons and promotions is by clicking HERE. The link will take you to Meineke Oil Change offers and promotions page where you will be able to enter your zipcode and find out if they are currently running any coupons/promotions in your area. Good Luck!


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