Meineke Brakes

It’s getting to be around that time – time to get your Meineke brakes serviced. As a smart driver, you’re aware that your car’s braking system is among the most important functioning parts any vehicle has – All vehicles have them, without them you would not be able to drive or stop at all with disastrous results. Since they are so important, it’s vital that you get them inspected and maintained regularly in order to keep yourself and other drivers safe. We know that money can be tight in today’s economy, so we have compiled for you a comprehensive list of the Meineke brake cost options.

Below are the latest regular Meineke brakes prices:

Brake Pads
-Includes brake pads and installation
-Includes Rotor and installation
-$75 for each rotor

***Please check for online coupons for extra savings!!! You can save a lot of money by checking for online coupons!!!***

Why might I need a Meineke brake service?

If it’s been a while, or your brakes are acting funny (squealing, grinding, maybe you’ve noticed an increase in braking distance) it’s definitely a goomainaked idea to get your braking system checked for wear and other potential issues. Don’t wait to do it, because you could be putting lives in danger. Unlike some other types of car maintenance, waiting too long to get your brakes serviced can cause severe damage to your car that will cost you a pretty penny and potentially even cause bodily harm – No good! Be proactive and get them checked today!

How to save money on your Meineke brake cost?

Just like with any other car service, our favorite method for saving a quick buck still holds true. Simply checking the Meineke website before going in for a service can save you quite a bit on your Meineke brake cost. More often than not, Meineke will be running special offers for their savvy customers who take the couple of minutes that it takes to check online first. It’s worth a try!


For store hours and to find a Meineke Auto Service Center near you click on the logo below.


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