Keeping Auto Glass Clean Is Easy!

Have you ever seen a car or truck that looked like it had a film on the inside of the glass? How could that get there? Well, most owners thoroughly wash the outside of their vehicle but they often just vacuum the inside and maybe wipe down the fabric and panels. That leaves a film on the inside and do you know what that film is? Mostly it’s from air pollution, off-gassing from the component of your car and some of it is human respiration! Another thing you may not have known is that this adds to how fast, and how much, car windows fog up on the inside.

To help with the dingy film that makes your windows glare in headlights, streetlights, or even the sun, you will find help in keeping the interior of your vehicle from overheating. Yes, those goofy looking shades you put in your windows actually do something useful. You can also allow external ventilation – check with your automotive parts and accessories department to see if they have any make and model specific aids for this.

Be cautious about the types of treatments you use on your interior fabrics. Some of them add dramatically to the amount of film and buildup on the inside of your windows. Obviously you can’t stop breathing inside of your car but you can do these things as well as providing external ventilation while you are in the vehicle. Opening the window even a small amount is usually enough to offset this.

There are also products which are made specifically for this job. Some of them also have products which help rain bead up and roll off on the exterior of the windows. These products actually do help keep the windows clean because they provide a layer of protection over the glass to keep the gases and moisture in the air from sticking.

Smoking inside of a vehicle is going to be a challenge. In these cases you really want to improve exterior ventilation and allow all of the smoke to exit before it has a chance to stick to the glass. Believe it or not you can have opposite charges in window glass and elements in the air. In these cases the glass just acts like a magnet and practically sucks the pollutants and other particles in the air directly to the glass. The same thing that gives you a shock when you get out of the vehicle is the same thing that builds up in the glass. Using a grounding system can help reduce the static buildup and assist in keeping your car windows clean.

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