Keep your Car Interior Clean

We don’t often think of the wear and tear the interior of our vehicles take. Keeping it looking new and feeling as welcoming as the day we bought it doesn’t need to be a challenge. And with these few tips you should be able to do so handily. These tips are meant to be affordable and effective as well as simple enough for any vehicle owner to do.

Keep It Clean

The number one rule of preservation for almost anything is to keep it clean. Since our vehicles are outside most of their days and we get in them from doing all sorts of activities it is inevitable they are going to get dirty. It’s this dirt that causes more wear and tear and can quickly degrade the materials making up the interior of our vehicle.

The carpet and floor pads take the worst beating so make sure to keep them vacuumed and even shampooed and treated when necessary. Small bits of sand and gravel act like sandpaper to the carpet and with the added pressure and motion of your feet on them quickly grind the filaments to nothing. This leaves bald spots and even causes the backing to erode resulting in holes all the way through to the flooring of the vehicle.

Seat upholstery also takes a lot of damage from coarse materials which come in on our clothing. Imagine if just one grain of sand, made of sharp-edged quartz, is trapped between your shifting body and the surface of your seat. Every move you make is another small scratch or even cut into the material. It doesn’t take long for a few of these to completely destroy any fabric or material.

Read The Manual

Remember that packet of material the dealer gave you when you purchased your vehicle? Remember how you just kind of glanced through it, if you even took that amount of time with it? Now is the time to go get it, or look it up online, and see what your particular interior requires in the way of maintenance or treatment. Leather, for example, requires a completely different protocol of care that cloth. Likewise with vinyl or other manmade materials.

Repeated cycles of hot and cold, one extreme to another, even direct sunlight can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s interior. Make sure you learn what special care the materials inside of your car or truck need to survive the harsh conditions of living and working outdoors and it will pay you back in high dividends. The interior of the car plays a tremendous role in resale value, just remember that!

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