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Contrary to what their name may lead you to believe, the auto repair shop Just Brakes does in fact service more than just brakes. In fact, they offer total car care services to thousands of Americans at their hundreds of locations across the continental U.S.A. Specializing in servicing brake systems for personal vehicles, the 35 year old company provides an emphasis on giving quality service, no matter how simple or routine the job may be. While they may not be as large as many of the other auto service goliaths in the United States, they have carved out a niche for themselves into many local communities, often in rural areas.

Below you will find the latest Just Brakes Brake Services:

Bleed, Fill and Adjust BrakesBrake Line Repair and Replacement
Rotor and Drum ResurfacingNew Brake Hoses
Caliper Reconditioning and ReplacementABS Diagnosis and Repair
Wheel Cylinder ReplacementPower Boosters
New Master CylindersParking Brake Service and Repair

Below you will find the latest Just Brakes Maintenance and Repair Services:

Oil ChangesPower Steering Service
BulbsTire Balancing*
Wiper BladesShocks and Struts
Tire RepairSuspension Service and Repair
BeltsHub and Bearing Repair
Air FiltersFront End and Steering Repair
Cabin Air FiltersRear End Service and Replacement
Fuel System CleaningCV Axles and Boots
Coolant and Radiator FluidsDifferential Service

More about Just Brakes

The company is now owned by a group led by a Dallas investor named Tom Hicks. Acquired in 2013, the financial boost that this gave the company allowed it’s locations to expand their service to include total car service options. These services range from oil changes to battery service, tire repair, power steering services, shock and strut replacements, repair to the axles, among many other major and minor services that may be required throughout the life of a vehicle. A full list of services can be found below.

Like many shops, Just Brakes includes Shop fees into their pricing for services. These fees cover equipment, materials and supplies that are necessary for the maintenance of the shop. These items include such things as lubricants, solvents, small nuts, bolts, washers, clamps, et cetera. These fees also cover health and safety equipment required to conform to state and local labor laws. Eye protection, back supports, disposal of contaminated mop water and protective gear for maintenance technicians are all absorbed into these fees. This is a common practice, however Just Brakes prefers to take an up-front and transparent  approach to this.

In addition to Shop fees, you may be required to pay a Disposal charge if needed during certain services to your vehicle. These charges ensure that hazardous or regulated scrap/waste is disposed of properly. Included in the list of hazardous or regulated materials are waste oil/filters, transmission fluid, scrap tires and antifreeze.

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