Importance of regular Vehicle Check Up

In days mostly by gone it was not uncommon to see someone with the hood of their vehicle up in their drive while working on the engine. Or, even to see it on jacks with the wheels off while the owner performed their own brake service. With todays restrictive neighborhood covenants, and the higher technology requiring special skills, most auto service is performed by a local service center or the dealer.

More important, perhaps, than the service itself is the regular checkup. We take our bodies to the doctor even when nothing appears to be bothering us to make sure there aren’t unseen or unfelt health issues. Well, our vehicles can be the same way. A trained automotive technician can identify potential issues long before they become problems. And just like a health issue can sideline our bodies for a few days or more so can minor auto issues become major ones and occasionally very quickly.

One of the things that may keep many people from having their car or truck checked regularly is the fear of high auto service fees. And, in many cases, the fees can become very high. It’s this regular maintenance which helps avert the high costs of repairs. What is the old saying? “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That certainly is true with auto service.

If you have never done so, and most people do not so don’t be ashamed, read your owner’s manual for your vehicle to see what type of auto service intervals they recommend. Several will be already known like oil changes, brake checks, tire rotations, and fluid services. But there are often other services with which we, as individual owners, are not familiar. Taking your vehicle to a reliable auto service department can help with this as well, but it’s sort of up to you to make sure the auto service fees you are paying are helping to protect you from the higher costs of auto repair.

Drivers who are on the road more frequently or for longer periods of time are obviously inflicting more wear and possible damage on their vehicle than those who drive less. Make sure you keep this in mind when timing regular auto service appointments. Also be sure to check your odometer and know which services your manufacturer recommends by mileage intervals. While it is true that stop and go driving puts much more stress on the car or truck these mileage intervals are still important for auto service. Take care of your auto and it will take care of you.

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