Importance of changing your oil!


oil change



Changing your car’s oil on time is one of the most important things you can do for your car. By changing your oil on time you are keeping your car performing at its best and maximizing the life of your car. The oil in the car lubricates all moving parts in your car and over time the oil in the car losses its ability to do that.  Another important function oil has in your car is reducing the heat in your car’s engine. Lastly, oil prevents carbon  and varnishes from accumulating on your car’s engine. If you dont change your oil the oil degrades and loses its ability to perform all the functions mentioned above.


So what happens if you dont change your oil for a long time? Worst case scenario is that you engine might seize or the camshaft could be damaged. This repair could cost as much as 100 oil changes so this is why it is very important to change your oil on time.