How to Remove Plasti-Dip

Last week we put up an article on the growing phenomenon within the automotive modding scene called Plasti-Dipping . We had many questions regarding how hard it is to remove it from your car ? Normally Plasti-Dip is extremely easy to remove, you simply peel it off from your car and it goes very smooth. However, as easy as it is to put plasti dip on your car there are few ways you can mess up which will require some extra steps to remove it from your car. In some cases, the dip was applied too thinly, and the dip cannot be peeled. This is why we are going to tell you how to remove Plasti-Dip. There are several methods to solve this somewhat uncommon, but still existing problem. The recommended method for Plasti-Dip removal is Dip Dissolver. Dip Dissolver will re-liquefy the coat of Plasti-Dip that is too thin for normal Plasti-Dip removal. This softens up the Plasti-Dip coating, enabling it to be wiped off. You can buy Dip Dissolver at .

While the recommended method of how to remove your plasti-dip is by using Dip Dissolver, it is possible to use other means. For example, it is possible to use other solvents to remove Plasti-Dip. However, one must consider the potential damage to the underlying paint, and choose solvents accordingly. One popular alternative to Dip Dissolver is WD-40. Sprayed onto the Plasti-Dip, it functions much the same as Dip Dissolver does, usually resulting in a clean separation from the old paint job and the Plasti-Dip. Another popular solution to remove plasti dip that was applied to thin is goof off. In most cases it is entirely possible to prevent the need to use any of these methods because you will just be able to peel it off. However if you  are new to plasit dipping and end up not putting enough coats of plasti dip , we hope these few tips will help you remove it. Enjoy and show off having one of the hot car mods of 2015.

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