How much does an oil change cost?

One of the best times in a person’s life is when they can purchase a car for the first time. But along with that excitement comes a lot of responsibilities. One of the biggest concerns when owning a car is maintenance and how to properly take care of a new vehicle. A question that is often asked is how much does a oil change cost and why is it needed? Before you start to compare oil change cost it is best to know exactly what the oil in your car does to keep your car working in pristine condition and why you need to always stay on top of changing your car oil.

The motor oil in your car holds many different functions. Oil lubricates the engines parts and components to keep your engine running smoothly. Each part in the engine must be able to move without friction. Oil flows through each part and helps to alleviate the harshness of rubbing. The oil in your car also cleans the engine from debris and dirt that gets clogged into your engine. Over time dirt buildup can start to affect your engine. If you do not have regular oil changes done on your car you run the risk of having your engine lock up, leading to other car engine problems or worse, having to replace your engine all together which is a lot more expensive than what a routine oil change cost.

Most car manufacturers recommend having your oil changes done every 3000 miles to 7000 miles depending on the oil type used in your car and driving conditions. So how much does an oil change cost? It depends on a lot of factors. First your oil change will mainly depend on the type of oil required for your car (What kind of oil does my car take? ). Next your oil change cost depends on where you live. If you live in New York where cost of living is expensive be prepared to pay more for your oil change then you would if you live in Atlanta Georgia where cost of living is much less expensive. Another factor to consider where you do your oil change. We offer average prices for oil changes on our website so you can compare oil change prices for all popular oil change companies. Finally , many oil change companies offer coupons and different promotions which you can take advantage of. You can read HERE on few ways to save money on your next oil change!


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