Getting Bad Odors Out of Your Vehicle

Vehicle maintenance is a “no brainer” for the most part. Washing the exterior and cleaning the interior are also pretty common things that most of us already know how to do. But what about tobacco, pets, or even just body odor? Have you ever turned on your air conditioner and smelled that gym locker smell? So do your passengers… only they smell it even more than you!

Simple DIY Tricks For Odor Fighting

Obviously if you leave your vehicle parked in a location where exposure is an issue you don’t want to leave your windows down or even just opened a small amount. If you can then that is certainly going to help “air out” the interior. For the rest of us simply placing an opened box or cup of baking soda inside the car will help absorb odors. This should be done after a thorough cleaning, vacuuming, and shampooing. Remember, perfumes and scents only mask odors. In fact you can often still smell the odor through the scent.

Believe it or not a little vodka in a spray bottle will also help purify the air. Simply spray in into your carpet and allow it to evaporate. This process will help remove odors by evaporating them into the air. Be sure to air out your vehicle afterwards and it is strongly emphasized to avoid open flames during this process. Vodka has enough alcohol content to be highly flammable. Don’t try other alcoholic beverages because they may have sugary or fragrant additives. Vodka (unflavored) is just pure alcohol and water.

You may have never thought of this but charcoal is used to purify air in many applications including space vehicles. While they use a highly refined type of charcoal even a regular charcoal briquette, without lighter fluid built in, can do an amazing job. Simply place one or two uncrushed briquettes in the vehicle and change them out regularly. If you have a steeping bag or a hops bag (used for home brewing) you can place crushed charcoal inside of one of those.

Steam Is Your Friend

In most cities there are many stores which rent professional cleaning equipment. Many of them now also offer smaller machines that can be used for automotive cleaning. And if you have a regular need most automotive parts stores also carry small steam cleaner/vacuum machines that work well. Steam is amazing because it breaks up the bonds in the odor causing substance and allows it to be easily vacuumed away. It also kills germs and bacteria that cause odors. Many chemical cleaners can also be used along with the small steam cleaning system and they are recommended especially for odors such as pet waste.

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