Express Oil Change Prices and Coupons

Express oil change specializes in fast oil changes. The company was started by Jim Lunceford in 1979 and currently has over 150 locations. The company is famous for its 10 minute oil changes and pledges not to pressure you to buy any extra services or parts. Express oil change is one of the few oil change service centers that offers 3 different premium brands for full synthetic oil. Most new sports or luxury cars require full synthetic oil so Express oil change is a good place to take your new car. To learn more about different types of oil click here.

Below are the latest regular Express Oil change prices:

***Please check for online coupons for extra savings!!! Express Oil Change Prices can be reduced greatly by using online coupons*****

Type of ServicePrice
Conventional Oil Change$36.99
Valvoline high mileage oil$46.99
Synthetic Blend Oil Change$58.99
Duramax Full Synthetic oil $58.99
Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil$75.99
Mobile 1 Fully Synthetic Oil$80.99

***If your vehicle takes more then 5 quarts of oil, please add $7 to the regular price for each additional quart.

Express Oil Change Coupons and How to save money on your Express Oil Change?

Express Oil Change cost can be reduced by using Express Oil Change Coupons and taking advantage of different Express promotions. Best way to find current Express Oil Change Coupons and Promotions is by clicking HERE. The link will take you to Express Oil change offers page where you can see all the current coupons and promotions. If you don’t see any type of coupons/promotions on their website it is a good idea to contact your local Express Oil Change service center and ask if they are running any promotions. Many of the Express locations are franchises and often times they will run their own promotions that may not show up online.

More About Express Oil Change

During a typical oil change , Express oil change will replace your oil, your filter, check fluid levels including windshield wiper fluid and antifreeze, Inspect vehicle’s belts and hoses, inspect air filter, inspect vehicles steering and suspension, inspect vehicles undercarriage, and check exterior lights. With express oil change you dont have to worry about scheduling an appoitment, you can simply pull in to your local Express Oil change and have them change your oil. Keep in mind that their bussiest days are during the weekends so if you plan on changing your oil on the weekend there might be a small wait.  In addition to oil changes every Express oil change houses a full-service automotive mechanical
department staffed by experienced technicians. The company employs  ASE-certified technicians who provide total car care through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and premium parts.

For Store Hours and to find an Express Oil Change Service Center location near you click on the logo below.


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2 comments on “Express Oil Change Prices and Coupons

  1. I arrived at the Alabaster store this morning at opening time to have my air-conditioning serviced,(8:00am).
    At 10:30 am I asked the person at the service desk what was going on with my vehicle and He replied,(you want it to cool, don’t you?) Meanwhile at least 10 vehicles were repaired while I waited! (I was the first one in this morning).
    No other word from the manager until 11:59 when my invoice was printed. Paid about $70.00 and was on my way!
    4 hours and $70.00 and my air is no colder than it was before I went there. I am not happy with my experience there nor with the rude attendant. Will not go back

  2. Anthony,

    Thank You so much for taking the time to tell us about your experience with Express Service Center.

    I completely understand your frustration and i am sure i would feel exactly the same way if something similar happened to me.

    You spent 4 hours waiting on a service that should not have taken more then an hour. You spent $70 and saw no improvement with your car’s air. Finally the way the front desk customer service rep responded to your legitimate question was very unprofessional.

    I highly suggest you do the following and there is a very good chance that Express Customer Service do everything in their power to make it right for you.

    1) (Optional) Call your local express service center where you had your work done and ask if the general manager is in today. If he is in ask to speak to him and if he is not in ask for his name and when he will be in. You want to speak to general manager and not just a regular manager because general manager will care more about keeping you as a customer and is more likely to make it right for you.

    2) If you are not happy with the way general manager handles the situation or if you don’t feel like dealing with the local shop anymore i suggest you fill out express customer service complaint form found here

    3) After filling out the form call Express Service Center customer relations phone number and explain what happened. Here is their contact information
    Customer Relations
    Monday – Friday 8:30am – 6:30pm ET

    Good luck and please come back and tell us how it went.

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