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Discount Tire, also known in some parts of the United States as America’s Tire, is one of the largest tire retailers and auto service centers around. With over 800 stores in the Continental US, they have proven that they deserve their place in the service industry market. Unfortunately (surprisingly) wheel alignment service is not offered at any Discount Tire locations at this time; however each location has a designated shop close by they can refer you to if you need to have one done on your vehicle after you buy tires from them.

Below are the latest regular Discount Tire alignment prices:


***Discount Tire does not currently offer wheel alignment services however during our research we have found that each Discount Tire location has a designated shop close by that can do wheel alignments. Each store that we called they referred us to one of the wheel alignment shops close by and usually the alignment prices for those shops started at $69.99.***

For a full list of Wheel Alignment Service Centers and their prices click HERE.


Why might I need a Discount Tire alignment?

You may have already noticed some of the symptoms of bad alignment. Signs of bad alignment are pulling to one side of the road, vehicle shimmying at high/specific speeds, or the steering wheel may shake. In order to ensure the best life of your tires and vehicle, it is recommended to get an alignment on a regular basis, around 10,000 mile intervals. But what about the Discount Tire alignment price? Although Discount Tires currently doesn’t offer alignment services if you buy tires from one of their locations….they will refer you to a shop nearby that usually charges $69.99 for alignments.

How to save money on your Discount Tire wheel alignment cost?

If you are buying tires at one of the many Discount Tire locations and you feel like you need an alignment, they will refer you to a shop nearby that will do the alignments for you. This is because Discount Tire locations do not do alignments at this time but they do have shops nearby that they partnered with that will usually do alignments for $69.99. It is always a good idea to do some price comparisons so instead of going to that shop right away it is a good idea to check prices for your local Firestone, Midas, NTB, and many other service centers we have listed on our website to see if they will do it for less then $69.99. Also many times these big companies offer online coupons or special promotions for wheel alignments so we recommend you check for online coupons/promotions to get the best price possible.


For store hours and to find a Discount Tire Auto Service Center near you click on the logo below.


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