Dip You Car Plasti Dip Review 2015!

By now, many of you may have heard of the new phenomenon in cosmetic car modification – Plasti Dipping. It is a solvent based coating that resembles rubber in appearance and texture. Many find this aesthetically appealing, but the appearance is not the only draw to the practice. The coating provides a highly protective function, and as an added bonus can be peeled off at any time to reveal the original paint unharmed. Plasti Dip is very protective from the elements, and will hold up to their influence. It is possible to Plasti Dip your car wheel rims, entire car, or any combination of parts desired by using tape and simply peeling off the excess Plasti Dip. Many people find that the low cost, as well as potential to change the color of their car at a whim, is worth the inquiry.

But like any scrupulous car owner and shopper, it’s best to be informed about any potential downsides to a product. One factor is the short life span. Plasti Dip only lasts for at most 1-3 years before a refresher coat must be applied, or if the car owner desires, change the color of the car. One must also be careful while refueling their vehicle, as gasoline will break down the Plasti Dip coating upon contact.

If you decide to Plasti-Dip your car, or Plasti Dip rims, you must first give the car a complete and detailed hand wash. Follow this with an alcohol bath, ensuring that every piece of dirt, and any kind of dust is scrubbed from the car. You will need Plasti Dip spray, it is possible to use Plasti Dip spray cans but it is not recommended when painting the whole car. However, using spray cans to plasti dip your wheels is not only acceptable but recommended. When plasit dipping your whole car it is recommended that you use an industrial sprayer, with gallon containers of Plasti-Dip spray. Vehicle DIY Plasti-Dip kits for Plasti-Dip rims, Plasti-Dip motorcycles, and Plasti-Dip cars can be found at DipYourCar.com.  You can order small, large, or even even buy Plasti-Dip by the gallon at DipYourCar.com. The comapny also sells cleaners, spray guns and enhancer kits. Discounts for bulk purchases are available as well. If you are just looking to do a minor job on your car like plasti dipping your wheels, you can also purchase plasti dip from your local Lowes or Home Depot store. We highly recommend plasti dip!

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