Check Engine Light Flashing?

If your check engine light is flashing it is important you read this very carefully! When a Check Engine Light/malfunction indicator lamp is blinking or flashing, it is indicating that a severe engine fault is taking place that could damage the catalytic converter, or even the engine itself if the engine is left running. Many people do not understand the importance of a blinking check engine light – your car could become severely damaged in a very short amount of time if you ignore your flashing check engine light. Many people have lost their vehicles due to ignoring a blinking check engine light.

What to do if you see a flashing Check Engine Light?

Best thing to do is stop your vehicle at once and turn off the engine. If you have a roadside assistance program such as AAA, call their hotline phone number and let them come out to your location and service the vehicle. DO NOT TURN THE ENGINE BACK ON IF YOU SEE YOUR CHECK ENGINE LIGHT FLASHING. This is very important, ignoring a flashing check engine light flashing
check engine light could cause your car’s engine irreparable damage! In some cases as well, your warranty may refuse to contribute to repair or replacement costs if you ignored a flashing check engine light! If you do not have roadside assistance, contact a trusted friend or family member to come and pick you up, and/or call a towing company to pick up the vehicle from wherever you stopped it. Once again, DO NOT TURN ON YOUR ENGINE WITH THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT FLASHING! 

What to do if the Check Engine Light was flashing, but stopped?

Don’t take any chances with a flashing check engine light! The flashing light could have been a bug, malfunction or fluke in the self-diagnosis system – Don’t take chances with the life of your vehicle, no matter how important you may need to be somewhere. Meetings can be rescheduled, but if you ruin your engine, it’s never going to run again and will cost you your transportation until you can get another car. That’s way too much money to lose at once!

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