When should you change your cabin air filter?

One car maintenance that most people tend to neglect is changing their car’s cabin air filter. Cabin air filter cleans the air that comes inside of your car through ventilation. When you turn on the heat or air conditioning system, the air that comes into your car is usually clean because the air filter catches all unwanted particles such as dust and pollen. One of the signs that you need a new air filter is a consistent bad odor coming out of your vent systems. Another sign is when you turn on the air or heat on high , you get more noise then you do results.

Most car manufacturers recommend that the air filter be changed every 12,000 to 15, 000 miles, you can find air filter change recommendation for your car’s make and model in the owner’s manual. However, the best way to know if you need to change your air filter is to inspect it. Air filter is found either under the hood or in the glove box; check your car’s manual to see where it is located. If you look at the filter you will be able to see if it is dirty or not. If you look at the filter and notice that is dirty or contains any of the following leaves, insects, soot, grime or twigs then its probably time to change it.

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