Car services that should not be ignored!



Car maintenance is important to keep your car running safely and efficiently. A well-maintained car has better gas mileage, peak performance and longevity. Even though your car may be in good condition, servicing and maintenance are still crucial and will save you the trouble and costs of repairs and car parts replacements in the long haul.
Different maintenance required for cars

The 4 Most Important Maintenance Parts of a Vehicle:

  1. Oil

Oil keeps your engine’s parts rotating smoothly and effectively. Consequently oil reduces its effectiveness and gets contaminated by exhaust gasses from cylinders and minute bits of metal. It also loses is viscosity from heat resulting to wear and tear.

Oil should be changed be checked regularly and changed based on your vehicles manual. There are several oil change price companies that offer competitive service fees for oil replacement like Jiffy Lube, PepBoys and Valvoline to name a few. Failure to change oil can greatly reduce your vehicle’s longevity and can cause your engine to seize.

  1. Air Filter

A clogged air filter will cause reduced gas mileage and horsepower. Most manufacturers recommend changing your filter every 5,000 miles.

  1. Brake Pads

How often you’re required to change your brake pads depends on your driving style, the weight of your vehicle and the quality of your brake pads, and your brake rotors.  You can ensure that your brakes remain in perfect condition by visiting many of the automotive service shops that free brake inspections.

Failure to change brake pads on time can damage your rotors which will be more money out of your pocket. Also having bad brakes can cause you to get into an accident if you are not able to brake quickly enough.

  1. Tires

The life of your tires will depend on many factors. However you should replace them when the tread gets even with the ridges. You should be rotating your tires every time you change your oil so that your tire tread wears off evenly. Usually the front tires are going to be wearing down faster because you use your front tires to turn, this is why tire rotation needs to be done every time you change your oil.