Car Paint Maintenance

Maintaining the paint on your vehicle is not simply a matter of aesthetics. Obviously having nice paint looks a lot better than chipped or scratched paint, but if you want to keep your vehicle’s resale value as high as possible you will need to take care of every detail, including the paint. Car paint maintenance also has practical aspects as well: your car paint is designed to protect the metal from the elements which in turn prevents things like rust. Here are a few tips that you can use to keep your car looking great:

Wash Your Vehicle Regularly

One of the most important things is to keep your car clean by washing it frequently. It does not take a lot to do damage to your paint over time. Having bird droppings (which contains high amounts of acidic compounds), dead bugs, and other contaminants on your vehicle can quickly wear off paint; if you live in an area where they add salt to the roads for de-icing in the winter , that can also cause a lot of damage. Generally you will want to wash your car once a week.

Waxing Is Important

Washing helps keep external factors from ruining your paint, but the best protection against outside elements is to have your car waxed. The wax on your vehicle adds a protective coating over your paint that not only makes it look shiny but keeps it safe as well. Waxing at least once per year should be a necessity but waxing twice per year is recommended.

Take Care Of Chipped Paint Quickly

If your paint has been chipped by a rock or dinged in a parking lot by another driver’s door and the paint gets knocked off, it is very important to have it touched up very quickly. If left untreated, the metal under the chipped area will start to rust because it is exposed to the elements. If you live near a beach this is even more important since the salt water will break down the metal even quicker.

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