Car Interior Care Tips For Hot Weather

Our poor vehicles. They are completely exposed to the climate regardless of where we live. Even if kept in a garage until driven there is just no way to avoid seasonal extremes. Depending on where you live and drive those extremes can be, well, very extreme. Most regions of our planet are capable of baking the interior of our vehicles to well above 50C/125F and that can be very bad for dashboards, steering wheel, and leather interior of the car.

Think about it, beef jerky (dried meats) and other foods start to cook at that temperature so imagine what is happening to the interior components of your vehicle. You also need to consider the ingredients of whatever you are using to clean and preserve the interior of your car. It is possible to create a cycle of cleaning and retreating that results in more damage. That’s why we trust the professionals for good advice on caring for our car’s interior.

Keep It Shady

It goes without saying if you can find shade – use it. Unfortunately with many expansive parking lots and an absence of trees and garages this is not always possible. That means it’s time to buy a sunshade or a complete kit of sunshades. Studies show that a reflective shade can keep the interior of a vehicle as much as 15% cooler and that can make a big difference.

The parts of your vehicle’s interior most exposed directly to the sun are the dash panel and the rear deck panel. Even just covering these with a cloth or cardboard can make a tremendous difference in their life. Although the manufacturer tests the materials for longevity under such conditions there are limits to everything.

Leather, Vinyl, Polyester, Cotton, Oh My

There are several different types of materials used in your car’s interior. Some of them are better suited for summer heat than others. Cotton, for example, may fade in direct sunlight but it won’t bake or melt. Vinyl on the other hand actually absorbs and builds heat over time. If you have vinyl on your seats you will notice the hot summer temperatures make it softer and more pliable and winter’s cold will stiffen it to the touch. There are products made specifically for each different material in your car so make sure to read the instructions and use only as recommended.

Car Tint can be a life saver

I know what you are thinking, i am not trying to look cool i am trying to keep the inside of my car cool. Well you can do both because there are car tint’s out there that can drastically reduce the heat in your car while also offering great U.V. Protection. One of the more popular ceramic film that will keep your car interior cool is Pana Flex. Pana Flex is a bit more expensive then your regular car tint but if you are trying to keep your car cooler then its worth the price!


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