Bad Spark Plug Symptoms and Spark Plug Tester

Spark Plugs are one of those things that often times get neglected and for a good reason, they typically tend to last a long time. Most spark plugs can last anywhere from 60, 000 to 100, 000 miles! None the less everyone should know about bad spark plug symptoms so that they can notice when one or more of their spark plugs are bad in order to avoid big repair bills. Below you will find a list of bad spark plug symptoms!

Bad Spark Plug Symptoms

1) Car wont start– Most people find about bad spark plugs when their vehicle wont start. Usually when a car wont turn on most people think its the battery or bad alternator but often times it turns out to be bad spark plugs.

2) Engine has rough idle– If you turn on your car and your car is producing a rough and jittery sound then your spark plugs may be dirty and/or bad.

3) Engine Misfire– If you notice that your engine misfires and your vehicle halts for a second it might be due to bad spark in one of your cylinders.

4) Your MPG is lower then usual – There can be many reasons why your car is not running as efficiently as it once did but one of the reason may be because of bad spark plugs.

5) Lack of acceleration– If the vehicle doesn’t respond when you step on the gas or it feels sluggish when you drive it then it might be time to replace your spark plugs.

Spark Plug Tester

If you are experiencing above mentioned bad spark plug symptoms then the next step is to test your spark plugs with spark plug tester. I know you are wondering why don’t i just change spark plugs , after all i am experiencing one or more of the symptoms mentioned above. The reason you should not rush into it and change the spark plugs is because many of the above mentioned symptoms could also be due to other issues with your car. You can easily test your spark plugs by buying a spark plug tester at your local auto parts store (you can buy one for as low as $7.99). You can also take your car to a local mechanic and have them test it with a spark plug tester, most of them will test it for free. If it does turn out that your spark plugs are bad then it is actually a good thing because they are typically cheap to replace. For most cars each spark plug costs about $8-$15 and you will need a spark plug for each cylinder on your car. If your car has 4 cylinders then you will need 4 if it is a 6 cylinder car then you will need 6.

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