Automotive Accessories Enter The Digital Age

Since the first automobile hit the road owners have been wanting to personalize them. In the early days people fashioned their own accessories and details and put their signature touch to their vehicle. As time went by hot-rods became the rage then custom wheels, custom seat covers, and eventually custom sound systems, window tinting, and more. But today it’s a whole new ball game!

Technology advancements have not forgotten the auto buffs of the world. In fact some of the gadgets today are amazing. While all of them are not for everyone there is something for every taste. It starts with entertainment gear, moves into performance gear, and even shows up in aesthetics. Here’s a look at just a few digitized products to enhance your wheeling days.

Total Digital Dashboard

You may not know there are aftermarket dashboards that completely digitize your monitoring and performance experience. Just like airplanes have gone to the “all glass dash” so can automobiles – at least to an extent. There have long been digital gauges but now there are digital clusters of all the dashboard readings. Add to that rear facing cameras, proximity indicators, and even satellite radios and you’re more advanced than George Jetson!

Navigation Systems

Of course almost everyone has GPS on their phone these days, but there are three major issues with using these: first of all it’s your phone and you may need it for something else. Second is battery drain because some are so power hungry the car charger can’t keep up with consumption. Lastly you can’t permanently mount your phone in your dash – well you could, but who would? Today’s full line of GPS devices include some pretty amazing units that mount well in most vehicles.

Video Accessories

Cameras that mount like your rear view mirror, some that turn on and off based on GPS location, and even some that will upload information directly to the Internet. Of course for the back seat passengers there are a wide variety of viewing monitors, too. Having the kids’ favorite video playing, or even some education materials, goes a long way to shorten a trip.

External Displays

One of the more interesting auto accessories for the outside of cars or trucks are the full graphic LED displays that turn rotating wheels into digital screens. Not that they actually become screens but they will display motion graphics and any type of message you want to share with others.

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