Auto Services that Should NOT be ignored PART 1

When it comes to our cars it is easy to forget that they need a lot of attention in order to work properly. Most people are busy with their hectic lifestyles and many are not aware how important proper car maintenance is to their vehicle’s longevity and their safety. When it comes to car maintenance most people are only familiar with oil change. What most people don’t realize is that there are many components in every vehicle that wear out over time.This will be PART 1 of 3 Parts where we will list some of the car components that wear out over time and need to be checked/replaced on a regular basis.

1) Oil Change- While most people know that changing oil in your vehicle is important we still wanted to add it to our list to emphasize exactly how important it is to change your oil on time. When you drive your vehicle there are many components in the engine working together to make your car move with ease. Oil in the engine makes it possible for all those components to work smoothly and without much friction. When you don’t change your oil on time your oil evaporates, gets old and dirty causing it not to do its job properly.  By not changing your oil on time you are making your engine work much harder then it normally does putting unnecessary strain on your vehicle. Additionally not changing your oil long enough will cause your engine to seize which is a very big repair that will cost significant sum of money to fix.

2) Brake Pads- Brake Pads are important because they are responsible for stopping your vehicle. Anytime you stop at a red light, stop sign, when a car cuts in front of you , or a pedestrian steps in front of your car, it means your brake pads are hard at work. Good brake pads can mean the difference between an accident and no accident ; in some cases life or death. Since brake pads are also one of those things that wear out over time it is important to check and change them regularly. Most people wait until their car is not stopping properly or the brake pads are making noise to let them know that it is time to replace brake pads. This is not a good idea because when you hear your brake pads screeching or your car takes longer to come to a complete stop then it means that your brake pads have been worn out for some time now. When that happens you can expect to pay more when you decide to change your brakes and lets not forget that taking longer to stop could cause an accident in case you need to brake suddenly.

3) Tires – Tires are also one of those things that wear out over time. Just like brake pads tires also play an important role when stopping your car. Tires that are worn out will need significantly more time to stop your vehicle in an emergency situation where you need to hit the brakes hard. They are also extremely important when it comes to stopping your vehicle during rain or snow. Additionally worn out tires are more likely to blow during high speeds and believe me you don’t want to lose one of your tires when you are on the freeway doing 70MPH . It is important to check your tire tread regularly and change your tires immediately if you see wires coming out of them.

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