Do It Yourself-Oil Change

10 Easy steps to changing your own oil!

1) Go to your local auto parts store and buy the oil and filter for your car.

2) Lift your car using jacks or ramps on a flat surface.

3) Let the car heat up for 2-3 minutes if it is cold and then turn off the engine.

4) Find and remove the oil cap under your car in order to drain the old oil into a pan.

5) Wait for 10-20 minutes to make sure all the oil drains into the pan.

6) Locate the filter and take it off.

7) Prepare the new oil filter by dipping your finger in the new oil and smear it on the gasket ring of the new filter.

8)  Screw on the new lubricated filter

9)Add new oil to your car (Type and amount of oil you need is in the owner’s manual)

10)  Close the oil cap when finished adding oil and turn the car on for few minutes. Check the oil with your dipstick to ensure the correct amount of oil is in the car and that everything looks good.


Please recycle your old oil by taking it to the nearest auto parts store. 


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